Some Episode Snippets – Episode 5.13 And Episode 5.14

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to my various sources who have given me some little snippets for Episode 5.13 and Episode 5.14 that I’ve pulled together into a single post.

Episode 5.13 – Some Like It Hoth
– Leading up to 5.13 Faraday has gone “missing” after exploring the Orchid amongst other things
– In 5.13 he reappears and is seen by Miles
– It’s a pretty big reveal, as Daniel’s whereabouts and activities have been missing for a while
– We some some some experimental stuff being taken from the Sub
– We see Radzinky and some Dharma Scientists in black uniforms along with Pierre Chang
– Daniel has been busy with something and is the setup for something big to happen

Episode 5.14 – The Variable
– This episode (still in draft production) is a direct follow up from The Constant
– It continues with Desmond’s and Daniels adventures
– We get more warta on why Daniels notebook statement “Desmond is my Constant”
– This episode starts filming in about 10 days
– The early planning of this episode may explain why Desmond left the army

Source: DarkUFO

Episode 5X14- Dharma, Gunfire And Explosion

Bandar Ceme**UPDATED** 2/19/09 – We have just been informed this report and pics are for Episode 5×14 NOT 5×13

Hey All,
After a quite week of filming, we received a tip that there was a big shoot planned at Camp Erdman today. Our good friend Roxy was on set to catch all the action and several other fans sent in tidbits to our other good friend and LOST blogger Ryan!!

Here is a little summary of what took place along with some nice set pics.

Apparently the filming mainly took place at the mechanic’s area of Othersville. Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Faraday (Jeremy Davies) and Radzinsky (Eric Lange) were the notable actors/characters on set with several other new Dharma members (Casey, Emer and more).

Roxy spotted several stunt doubles and the actors trailers with one specifically for “Radzinsky”, “Thug 1”, and “Thug 2”. You will see Radzinsky with both thugs in black Dharma Jumpsuits in the photos below. If you look carefully you will also notice a SWAN logo on Radzinsky’s jumpsuit!!

In another photo, you will find a scene being filmed with Jack, Faraday, and Radzinsky. Both Jack and Radzinsky are pointing guns at one another but it is hard to see Jack or Faraday as they are behind a Blue Dharma van near a Dharma Soda cooler!


Summary of Filming 2/17/09 – Episode 5×14 The Variable

Names on actor/personnel trailers: Radinsky, thug 1, thug 2, Jack, Kate, Faraday and Paul Edwards

Scene: Takes place in mechanic’s area on the island.

Jack, Kate and Faraday (wearing khaki dharma jumpsuits) exchange gunfire with “other” dharma personnel (wearing black jumpsuits). Jack, Kate and Faraday jump into a Jeep and escape just as an explosion occurs.

Ryan’s post mentions some debris from a blown-up house (maybe Claire’s) and he also has some additional photos of some Dharma Jeeps that you can check here: The ODI